Blue blockers and placebo

 The human mind is undoubtedly powerful, so powerful that we have the ability to convince ourselves of receiving a benefit which is not necessarily the result of an external catalyst. This is in fact a good thing, however, can be misleading in terms of finding out what really works. We are happy to announce that blue light blocking glasses are shown to produce powerful results in “placebo controlled” studies. Here is the research from a study published in 2017... 


     “The study examined the effects of modifying short-wavelength blue light exposure on evening melatonin levels, sleep onset, mood, and cognition in randomized controlled crossover trial. Twenty-four undergraduate students wore blue blocking lenses for 1 week and clear lenses with antireflective coating only (control) the next. The lenses were fitted into spectacle frames with blackout side shields and worn after 6:00 pm for 5 days (Monday - Friday).” 


    - The results?..“During the week they wore the blue blocking lenses, participants had an increase in melatonin levels, less awakening during sleep, and evidence of improved cognition compared with the week they wore clear lenses. For wearers of blue blocking lenses, mean melatonin level was 9.6 pg/mL compared with 4.9 pg/mL for the control group (P = .036).”  


     "Several people who took more than half an hour to fall asleep without the blue blocking glasses reduced this time to 10 to 20 minutes, on average, when wearing the glasses.”.. 


     The last improvement that researchers found in this study was a reduction in hostility, however they did not relate this to the improvement in serum melatonin levels or improved sleep quality. The conclusion is pretty simple, blue light blocking glasses improve sleep and cognition beyond the placebo effect. This is why you need a pair of blue light glasses.