COVID-19, can melatonin help?

Science backed treatment for COVID-19. Is melatonin really that effective?

“Eric, this is a serious virus, you’re really going to talk about vitamin C and melatonin?” And my answer is YES. Why? Because the research is good. This research was put forth by Doris Loh. She is quite possibly the leading researcher on Vitamin C (absorbic acid) and has dedicated most of her time to the COVID-19. .

What you may notice in these graphs is that these are NOT your standard Vit C and melatonin dosages, these are therapeutic doses which according to the research are proven to have powerful effects against COVID-19. What I find interesting is that these melatonin doses are incredibly similar to the same therapeutic doses which have shown promise in cancer studies. For those that don’t know, mitochondria have melatonin receptors and that melatonin acts as a very powerful mitochondria “defense weapon”.

The atlas of science writes, “The mitochondria protecting actions of melatonin are diverse and may be regarded as a full arsenal of defense weapons. Melatonin downregulates the activities of Nitric Oxide synthases in neurons, astrocytes and immune cells including the microglia of the brain, thereby reducing the levels of NO and the generation of its detrimental products (such as free radicals).” Is melatonin capable of preventing a "cytokine storm”? 😁

What is interesting to note is the mean average melatonin levels of children from age 10 or younger. (Picture 3). What is also interesting to note is that none of the pregnant mothers infected by COVID-19 admitted to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan developed severe or died; nor were their babies infected. Why? Melatonin secretion in the third trimester of pregnancy is more than doubled compared to the first trimester. Pic 4

Children under nine are protected from COVID-19 because they have up to 10x the ‘normal’ amount of adults. Our high tech environment and light pollution have already diminished the normally low level of melatonin in adults. So, are you paying attention to your light environment? Are you blue blocking at night? Are you willing to spare your melatonin?

We’ll talk about vit C later :0