How do blue blockers work?

Blue blockers deliver benefits beyond a placebo effect in improving sleep quality, eye sight, melatonin levels, and cognition. But how do they accomplish this? In order to understand how blue blockers work we need to understand a little bit of eye anatomy and evolution. 


     In essence…..Human biology has evolved around a 24 hour light and dark cycle called our circadian rhythm. This means our body changes its hormone production/secretion, temperature, blood pressure, and alertness depending on what time of day it is. The main mechanism behind what controls these changes is LIGHT. Light from the sun enters our eyes and stimulates certain receptors which inform our brain what time of day it is. In short, our physiology changes depending on how much light is in our environment, and the catalyst for this change is light. Cellular performance is light driven.


     The current problem with this model is that humans have broken the laws of nature and now have access to light whenever we want it at the flip of a switch. To compound thisequation, our bodies do not know the difference between sunlight and artificial light. Artificial lighting such as our standard indoor lighting and LED screens from our phones, TVs, and computers emit lots of blue light. This blue light is designed to increase alertness, delay melatonin secretion, and increased insulin production. This is the last thing we want at night. Prolonged exposure to artificial light at night leads to extreme circadian dysfunction such as sleep problems, a decline in cognition, poor eyesight, and even insulin resistance.


     This is where blue blockers come in… artificial lighting is proportionately higher in blue light waves. Blue blocking glasses block the blue light from artificial lighting and allow us to enjoy all the pleasantries of technology without disrupting our health. In this sense, blue blockers are an absolute must if we want to stay on top of our health and performance. Not just any pair of blue blockers will work, they need to block all light up to 550nm in order to be actually effective, and this is why our Night Light Glasses are engineered to do just that. Night Light Glasses are a name you can trust in blue light protection.