Merge Level One

What you need to know

7 principles

Merge is based in 7 principles which set the foundation for all healthy movement patterns. Each principle builds upon the next resulting in every student having a comprehensive understanding of human movement and fascial anatomy. 

Improve posture and performance

The results of creating healthy movement patterns which support your natural design are major improvements in posture and performance. You can also expect to find relief from chronic pains and compensation patterns as you begin to apply Merge principles. 

Increase functional awareness

Merge is not only designed to iron out any compensatory movement patterns that may be creating pain or discomfort, but also improves intrinsic awareness by fostering an enhanced neurological signaling of proprioceptors and interoceptors. 

"Your body is both a self healing and high performance machine"

What can I expect at a level one cert?

Our level one training provides a hands on approach to integrative anatomy. You can forget about the textbook, long lists of terms, and any intimidation as we work together as a group to map our fascial connections on each other.

Once we understand how our fascia envelopes and connects every aspect of our body, we put that knowledge into a movement practice that is based in healthy biomechanics and fascial training. 

As much as our trainings follow the manual, we also like to look at them like an open discussion as each students offers a unique perspective, background, and line of questioning which adds benefit to the whole group. 


What are the prerequisites?

We want to make the learning process something that is enjoyable and aligns with your background. Since we don’t take the time to teach the foundation of anatomy (ie muscles, skeletal system, etc) we want to make sure you feel confident attending a certification and not feeling lost. If you have any questions as to whether or not you meet our prerequisites, please email Remember, the prerequisites aren’t there to exclude anyone from certification but rather to be sure you aren’t feeling unprepared to learn.

- Must have a basic understanding of anatomy and as it relates
to human movement 

- Must have some formal education OR background in working with
the human body, this includes yoga, personal training and any form of therapy

- Must be willing and able to physically participate in a low impact,
therapeutic, and active format 

- Must attend all hours of the workshop in order to
obtain the certification 

- Suggested reading is Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers and Eric’s webinar titled Fascia Made Simple if you want to refresh or expand your understanding fascial anatomy

What are the hours of training?

Training is held for 9 hours on Saturday and Sunday with a 1 hour lunch break each day. Typical training hours are 10am-7pm but this can vary by location. Please be sure to check all email communication or reach out to for confirmation. 

Will I obtain any CEU's from this?

Crystal Palermo is a YACEP which means that if you are a yoga instructor, you gain 16 hours for continuing education in the category of Anatomy & Physiology.We are currently in the process of obtaining our NASM and AFAA credentials so these can count toward CEUs for those as well. Please check back periodically as we keep you updated.  

Do you offer any payment plans?

You are able to sign up for any of our trainings with a deposit only and the remaining balance to be due the week prior to training. If you have already made a deposit and are concerned about paying the balance on time, please reach out to us and we can work with you on alternative payment options. Email with any questions you have.  

Can I teach a Merge class?

Yes! Merge is capable of being a stand alone class and could be taught without having to “merge” it with another platform. It is also a great idea to teach a Merge class in a private, one on one setting as it allows you to really tailor the movement to your client’s needs. Merge can be taught in conjunction with any class format you teach currently. As you learn the principles of Merge, including the movements, you will see how easily you can use Merge moves and concepts to help inspire, shift, and enhance what you already teach. This is something great to offer in any group class as an added value to taking class with YOU, a Merge Practitioner. Some group classes that our practitioners teach with Merge infused are power yoga, restorative yoga, HIIT yoga, boot camp, weight lifting, dance fitness, and many others.  

Do I need to be a teacher or therapist of some kind in order to take the cert?

No, you do not need to be a teacher to attend certification. There are some practitioners who have come to certifications as avid students of all things physical fitness and others who have relatable backgrounds and want to deepen their understanding of movement for their own benefit. We are there to share knowledge, what each practitioner does with it is up to them. If you are NOT currently certified to teach yoga or group fitness classes, this certification will not allow you to teach those formats. There is no manual adjustments or hands on therapy as a part of this certification so being a therapist is not a requirement.  

In what ways can I use merge in my business or personal practice?

In SO MANY ways! Merge is intended to help you make stronger connections and repair disconnects in the body so you can see how this is really a loaded question. Let’s talk about your personal practice first. You can use Merge principles in your everyday life from what forms of movement practices you choose for yourself to how you choose to move inside and outside of your movement practice. Regardless of your modality of choice or the nature of your work, we are all BODIES and we all have to move in some way or another to get us through the day. Merge informs you on the most foundational level about our body’s design and what movements and habits best support this and what things don’t. You get to take your new found knowledge and make adjustments or even reinforce some of the habits you currently have and likely employ some new habits as well. We have had practitioners who have found a great deal of relief from pains they were dealing with and others being able to help clients, friends, and family in doing the same. Once you learn the Merge principles, you’ll find it empowering to not only be able to help yourself but to help others too.From the business side of things, being a Merge Practitioner adds a great deal of value to what you already offer. Fascia has become almost a buzz word and there is a lot of information and misinformation out there as we all continue to learn about this incredible part of our bodies. This certification is designed by Eric Toher and Crystal Palermo who have done all the leg work and research that allows you to take in key facts and get references to so much more (for those who love doing their own research too) so that certification weekend is a valuable discussion and practically applied to each individual. As a business owner, you have something unique and beneficial to offer your clients or students and a true differentiator that sets you apart. We’ve seem massage therapists be able to offer movements as “homework” for clients to help them ease pain or increase mobility. We have seen physical therapists take what they have learned to personalize plans with patients. Yoga instructors have shifted the way they sequence their flow and be more intentional about what postures they are choosing and WHY. Another studio has started teaching Merge yoga classes in their live streaming platform as an additional offering to clients. We have even had a OBGYN practitioner who mentioned approaching a particular surgical procedure differently based on our discussion in training. The possibilities are endless and completely in your hands. We are here to help you find ways to increase the value you offer which will ultimately be a benefit to your business overall.  

Who can practice Merge?

Merge is for anyone. Due to the therapeutic nature of Merge movements and the practitioners ability to cater to the needs of each client, there are no inherent risks to anyone who practices Merge. Our biggest word of advice for anyone is to start slow and work your way up to greater range of motions or greater force and vigor over time. Remember, it is not how you look performing the movement but the ease and fluidity of performing the movement that matters.  

Is merge safe during pregnancy?

As always, anyone who is expecting should consult their physician, midwife, etc before engaging in physical activity that is outside of your norm. That being said, Merge is a therapeutic practice and can be practiced with minimal intensity and great care of the body. The movements themselves are safe to be practiced during pregnancy but it is always best to modify to the greatest benefit to YOUR body. Our general advice for everyone is to start slow. The reward is not what you look like performing the movements, it is how much ease you FEEL performing the movements.   

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