Level Two

A next level of understanding 

Level two is a retreat-style certification which takes place over the course of 5 days in breathtaking Sedona, AZ. The training is broken down in to 4 separate sections, each section being covered over the course of the retreat. 

What you can expect by the end of the training is to understand human movement, gait, the power of your circadian rhythm, and biomechanics on a deep level. This training is only available for our level one practitioners. 

Day 1. Circadian Biology

When you first arrive, we will spend the first few hours covering circadian biology and go over different techniques that will help connect your cells with nature. This will cover new science regarding grounding, cold exposure, red light therapy, protection against EMF's, breathing techniques, and ways to connect yourself with the sun.

Day 2. The anatomy of dysfunction

Day 2 will cover topics such as fascial-plasticity, the biomechanics of a 3D body, the 66 vital motions, and the "anatomy of dysfunction". This knowledge will show you how to spot common postural and movement dysfunctions in yourself and others. 

Day 3. Postural and movement assesments

Now that we know what to look for in posture and movements and common dysfunctions, we're going to put it to use and perform our own postural and movement assessments. This interactive exercise helps you develop your eye for assessment in real time. 

Day 4. Self-myofascial release and corrective movements

Once we have an accurate assessment of movement and posture, we can now begin to make  effective corrections and test our results. This day will also cover topics regarding "How to achieve the right release", "what are knots?",  and how to feel your own tissue. 

Every student leaves level 2 with a new found confidence that prepares them for being a tremendous benefit to themselves and others.

Where will you stay?

The red agave resort is located near the heart of Sedona and is overlooked by two of Sedona's most prominent structures; Bell rock and the Courthouse Butte. There is a pool and hot tub with a gorgeous view as well as a fire pit and outdoor seating. You will stay in a beautiful shared chalet fully equipped with bathroom, kitchen, and patio. 

We will spend around 4-5 hours a day learning the material which will take place in a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater. The rest of your days can be spent however you choose. There is an abundance of hikes, shopping, art galleries, spas and so much more. We will lead hikes to vortex sites share information we know about Sedona for those interested in joining us. However, if hiking is not your bag, you are not required to come along you can relax however you want!


What are the sleeping arrangements?

The resort offers a cozy setting with all the comforts of home you will need. Each chalet sleeps 5 with 1 king size, 1 queen, and 1 full bed. Some will share a bed and others will get their own space. We keep the group small so that there is plenty of space with a full bath, kitchen, and seating area in every chalet. Each chalet also offers outdoor seating for those who want to take in the scenery and beautiful weather.  

Can I bring a friend or significant other?

If your friend or significant other is a level 1 Merge practitioner and they signed up, then YES! Unfortunately, due to the size of the chalets and sleeping arrangements, we will not be able to accommodate guests. However, there is no shortage of hotels and places to stay in Sedona so your family or friends are welcome to stay close by and meet up with you during meals and downtime. There is so much to do in Sedona, I’m sure they can find plenty to do while we are doing certification each day.  

Will food be provided?

A welcome dinner will be cooked by Crystal as a way for everyone to meet each other and start planning for our retreat. Plus, you will find out (if you don't already know) that cooking for others is Crystal's love language so it is a way for us to show our appreciation for each of the practitioners. For the rest of your stay, you will be responsible for food with a large variety of restaurants as well as great grocery stores close by if you prefer to utilize the full kitchen in your room. There are also grills outside of the chalets which are available for your use. 

Do I have to participate in every activity?

Of course not! The certification component is the only mandatory part of your trip, outside of that, you are FREE. We will be leading hikes and visiting vortex sites because that is what we love to do when we visit Sedona and we will be delighted to have anyone along who is interested. But if hiking and nature things are not really your kinda thing, no worries at all. There are a ton of shops, galleries, metaphysical stores, food, spas, you name it! There will be more than enough to do and we want this experience to be what you need. 

What is the travel info?

When coming to Sedona, Phoenix Sky Harbor will be the best airport to fly into then Sedona is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from there. You can rent a car, find a shuttle, or reach out to others who are attending and carpool to get to the resort. Once we are there, it will be easy to get around either with a rental car or sharing rides. We will also have our truck and can fit up to 4 more people. Please utilize the Level 2 Facebook group to connect with others who are attending and work out travel details and we are happy to help in any way we can.   

When is check-in check- out?

We will check-in at 4pm on Thursday and check-out will be at 11am on Monday. We will have plans for Thursday evening and Monday morning so please keep this in mind as you plan your travel. Don’t hesitate to reach out to info@mergethepractice.com with any questions.   

LEVEL 2 DATE: 3/4-8/21

Thursday- Monday morning.

We allow a $500 deposit, or full payment option of $1,199.

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