Merge Foundations Series

A 6 - part series that will introduce you to Merge as both a movement therapy and philosophy.

Merge foundations

   This 7-part digital download series will give you access to 5 different Merge workouts + a bonus self-myofascial release video focused on the neck.

   If you've been interested in trying Merge, or are one of our certified practitioners looking for additional content, this download series is perfect for you. If you have no experience with Merge or any limitations due to injuries or abilities, this is perfect for you too! Learn ways to make stronger connections within your body's natural design and begin to repair disconnects that take place for us over time. 

    This series is accessible to anyone as it gives varying options and intensity for everyBODY and emphasizes creating healthy patterns of movement. Each workout is quick, fun, and has cues that are easy to follow that allow you to improve communication through a mindful practice.